American Labradoodles-
We provide premium quality, multi-generational, non shedding
 and hypoallergenic Labradoodles.

We provide lifetime support to our adoptive families.

We GUARANTEE your puppy against
All genetic diseases for a period of three years.
Call Marianne,
1 (877) DOODLEZ (toll free!!!)

Or E-mail:
"Fabulous, Fleecy, Family Friends"
Breeding American Labradoodles.........................
We get inquirys ALL the time regarding breeding our companions as
a business. If you feel you want to pursue this as your vocation for
the Service Assistant field, please let me know.
We offer both a franchising opportunity as well as breeding pairs to
start you on the right path. Please note that the requirements are
intense to be accepted into either program.
Contact Marianne at 877-366-3539
Complete FRANCHISE setups available,
to include:
pedigree program,
website construction,
and much, much more to insure
your success!!!