“Marianne is an exceptional breeder who produces beautiful, smart, sweet,
QUALITY puppies!”
Dr. Ken, DVM

Dear Marianne —

Mary and I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying having Ernie as a part of our lives. Yesterday he turned five months old, and we celebrated by going to our local “Bark Park,” where he gets to run off leash with his pals. EVERYONE comments about how cute he is. He is a real lover…he enjoys being with people and gets along well with all the other dogs.

He thrives on new things to learn and experience, and he is a very quick learner. At obedience training he does very well…and is quite social and always happy. I do my best to keep up with him. He can be a little mischievous, like any puppy, but his exuberance makes him all the more endearing.

Your guidance in selecting him and helping us make the adjustment to having a puppy after so many years is greatly appreciated. You certainly know your dogs well. Your advice is always helpful and thus far has been absolutely spot on. Likewise, your approach to breeding these dogs is right on the money. He is rugged and vigorous, as well as graceful and agile.

As you can tell we love him. We’ll keep you posted from time to time.

All our best…

Larry and Mary Epstein
Epstein testamonialP.S. By the way, Ernie arrived well acclimated to his crate, and he slept all the way through the night from
day one. He was fully house-trained in less than thirty days. As per your recommendations, he loves his Flint
River Ranch food and will do nearly anything to get a baked sweet potato treat.

Hi Marianne,
I just wanted to send you a few current pictures of our Jessie at 4 months old. She has been such a great addition to our family. While she is still definitely a puppy, people comment to us all the time how well behaved she is for such a young dog. She is so adorable, but more importantly, she has a great personality–mellow and sweet, yet playful. She loves to snuggle with our older son and she loves to run around chasing our younger son. She has also been so
good to our house! Though she loves to steal flip flops and crocs, I’m thrilled to report that she has left our house totally unmarred! (You know I just jinxed myself, right?!) Jessie slept through the night in her crate from DAY ONE when we got her at almost 10 weeks old! So obviously, that is thanks to your training! We’ve heard of other people’s experience of new puppies waking up at all hours of the night, so we were bracing ourselves for a tough night when she arrived. But nope…She actually slept later than our children! Amazing! Her coat has not shed one bit. (Our guinea pig sheds more than our dog!) She does great on a leash, she can do sit, down, stay, leave it, take it, off, and more. Thanks for such a great family dog. Maureen, Jonathan, Benjamin & Ryan Kaplan

Here is our family picture.
Raleigh is the perfect dog. He is well behaved, a quick student, has a super personality and has brought so much joy to our lives. As promised, he does not shed and has the most beautiful fleecy-soft coat imaginable. Marianne is everything a responsible owner could want in a breeder. She has refined the best traits in her dogs and gives loving attention to important details about care and feeding (in particular, Flint River Ranch trout and sweet potato is the best dog food!). She has provided great support for all of our questions. The highest compliment anyone can give is repeat business, and surely enough Raleigh may be getting a brother or sister in the near future from Marianne. We give our full endorsement without any reservation.

Doug and Jarry.

Hi Marianne, I just had to finally drop you a note to tell you how much we LOVE Lucy. She is simply the sweetest, gentlest, smartest little girl. She is everything we ever hoped for and more. I’m attaching a recent picture. She is now just over 6 pounds (at 4 months) and the cutest little ball of fluff and love. At the moment she is sleeping on my foot (her favorite spot). She and our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter have a real love affair going. The two of them are just SO adorable, running and playing tag – it’s hard to tell who is chasing whom. She is always gentle with Kaiah, but really enjoys the play dates that the two of them have once a week. She also loves her playdates with Kristin’s puppy June, and amazingly holds her own, even though June is easily 4 times her size. You can tell that they came from you best buddies. Anyway, a million thanks for the amazing puppy that you sent to us. She is a jewel!

Thanks, Billie Ylvisaker

Hi Marianne,

A long overdue thank you. As Ranger is approaching 1 yr (can’t believe it) we could not be happier with our choice! Ranger has fit right in. Her coloring and size couldn’t be more perfect. We received from you exactly what we requested, a mini chocolate female. Throughout the entire process, you were great in answering all of my question (a lot of them). Even after receiving Ranger, you have provided guidance to us on any questions we had. You have been wonderful to deal with.

She is a very playful and energetic puppy. She is everything we ever hoped for and more.
Attached is a recent picture along with our son. She is about 17 pounds now.
She loves running and playing on the beach and chasing the birds into the water. Ranger also loves to lie in the sun when resting. Ranger is like any other child, she is a little mischievous at times but that’s ok, it keeps us on our
I will continue to update you with current pictures of Ranger.
Thank you.

The Gerstner’s

Scott, Fran, Gordon and Ranger

Click on the water to see
Ranger swimming 7/10 in

“Fabulous, Fleecy, Family Friends”