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“Sets the standard in homeopathic and
supplements for your companion”

Joint Relief

100% natural organic solution FDA approved.
Provides maximum support for restoring healthy joint function
and stimulating:(1) Cartilage regeneration (2) Fast pain relief
(3) Reduction of inflammation. (4) Improved mobility.
(5) Regeneration of connective tissue and synovial fluid.

Skin & Itch

100% natural organic solution, FDA approved Provides relief
from allergies, insect bites and airborne pollutants that cause
skin irritation and scratching. Typical symptoms are: (1)
Constant chewing, itching, and scratching. (2) Licking and
gnawing. (3) Seborrhea, dry flaky skin or oily, greasy coat.
(4) Where ears have build-up and foul odors,including yeast.
Perfect for floppy ears!

Worm Clear

100 % natural organic solution FDA approved. A broad
spectrum wormer for treatment and prevention of (1)
Tapeworm (2)Hookworm (3) Roundworm. No chemicals, Non
toxic, No food withdrawal. Also helps with the prevention of
Coccidia and Giardia!


100% natural organic solution, FDA approved. First aid for
pets. Promotes faster healing for all types of injuries and
enhances immune response. May also be used post surgery to
promote faster healing time.


Safe, gentle, natural, non-toxic,100% natural organic stress
reliever. Promotes calming behavior for dogs and cats showing
fear, fretting, anxiety or any unwanted behavior caused by
separation, travel, loud noises or vet and groomer visits.

All Homeopet products are 15.00 each. Shipping is a flat rate of 6.00 per pound so………..
for instance, you could order 9 Homeopet products, or 1 DoodleBall or DVD and 2 HomeoPet
products for the same shipping fee!!!

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Dog Sitter DVD Volumes 1 & 2
Featuring the sights and sounds of nature in stereo sound.
Includes the global introduction of the exciting
“Doggie-Cam”. Volume 2 has training tips and extra Super
Sounds and Subliminal “Good Dog” Messages!!!
You will be amazed how your canine friend will “watch” TV,
and will be stimulated for hours while you are away!

Doodle Ball (Couldn’t resist!)
This is great for dogs of all sizes. The Doodle Ball floats in
water and comes in various colors. It’s durable non-toxic
plastic and special design make it safe and easy to pick up
and maneuver.