This agreement is between (Seller) Marianne and/or M. L. Malcolmson ,

(Buyer) _____________________________ / __________________________________

It is agreed between Seller and Buyer as follows:
The dog sold to the above Buyer according to the terms of this agreement is:

Sex:_____ Whelped:_____/_____/_____ Sired by:

Out of


The seller guarantees that at the time of delivery, the dog is in good health. Should dog be found to be in poor health of a serious nature, Seller will provide buyer with a replacement from another litter after dog is returned to seller at seller’s expense. Shipping fees will not be refunded. The following conditions apply to the sale of the dog named above:
The buyer has ten (10) days from the time of receipt of dog to have dog examined by a veterinarian. Any request to return the dog to the Seller for replacement must be made within this time period and may only be requested should the dog prove to be seriously ill. Proof of examination must be provided to seller.
• A warranty against all serious life altering genetic disease is provided for three years after the date of adoption and disability must be determined by at least two veterinarians. We reserve the right to have a veterinarian of our choice confirm the results before a replacement is made.
• A warranty against debilitating CHD (Hip Dysplasia) is provided for three years after the date of sale. The guarantee for CHD will be terminated should dog be allowed to become overweight or be involved in any physical trauma that could cause lameness of any type or duration. Should dog be found to have debilitating CHD within its first three years, buyer must provide seller with proof in the form of documentation from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) or from PennHIP. We reserve the right to have a veterinarian of our choice confirm the results before a replacement is made.
• Warranties shall apply only to original purchaser. Transfer of dog ownership shall void all such provisions of this agreement unless American Labradoodles approves transfer. Warranty will transfer as well.
• Under no circumstances shall the Seller be liable to the Buyer or to any third party for a dog which has been subjected to abuse, accident, negligence or misuse. Also, under no circumstances shall the seller be liable for any consequential incidental or special damages resulting from any misuse, or in any manner related to the dog.
• Seller maintains 1st rights to above dog in the event that buyer can no longer provide proper care for said animal, Dog shall be returned to Seller at Buyer’s expense, unless other agreement is made.
• Buyer will maintain Nutrition and Supplement regime established.
• Buyer also agrees (and applicable family members) to attend a series of training courses to include Basic Obedience and beyond..
• Upon execution of this contract all veterinary care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the buyer. ” Buyer agrees to provide Health Insurance for adopted puppy throughout lifetime.
* Buyer agrees that above dog shall be spayed or neutered by the dog’s 14th month, but not before 8 months!

* This contract does not include breeding rights.

Buyer agrees to maintain this dog in good health, provide routine preventative health care including, but not limited to,dental care, inoculation, internal and external parasites and prevention medication. Veterinary records must be provided to breeder if requesting replacement. If any of the above preventative care has not been
provided, health warranty will be void.

The parties agree that this writing represents the entire Agreement between them and that no other representations, either oral or written have been made regarding the dog described above. The parties further agree that no changes in this Contract shall be binding upon either of them without written modifications signed by both parties. Buyer understands that American Labradoodles is nature based and cannot control size, gender or color. If adoption occurs and this Contract is not physically signed by both parties, all terms and conditions set forth thereof, remain in force regardless. American Labradoodles, and the Malcolmson’s et al shall be held harmless against any and all expenses,judgements, fines, settlements, and any other amounts or claims relative to
the adoption of an American Labradoodle. This is also in effect with any rescue dog that may be adopted for either a nominal fee or at no cost. There is no warranty implied or represented on retirees, rehomes or rescues. Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully and will execute the provisions above,

BUYER’S signature and date: _______________________________ Date: __________

SELLER’S signature and date: _______________________________ Date: __________,