American Labradoodles
How it all began...
We started with great American AKC field and
show champions as the foundation dogs for this
breed.  The founding parents are the cream of the
crop!   We have progressed in our breeding lines so
that now we are able to offer
purebred, multi generational Labradoodles that
have perfect, fleecy, HYPO-ALLERGENIC,
NON-SHEDDING Coats, square lines
and great  
conformation!  Premium lineage, Premium breed!
We offer many gorgeous colors
of this fabulous fleece:
PARTI (great color combos!)
American Labradoodles come in four plus  
standardized,wonderful sizes:

Micro Mini's 9-15 lbs.  
(Under 14 inches)

Mini 16-25 lbs
(15-18 inches)

Small Medium 25-39 lbs.
Medium 40-55 lbs.  
SM (19-21 inches),M (22-24 inches)     

Maxi 60-100 lbs
(24-30 inches)

We are proud to say there has NEVER been any other dog breeds introduced or infused into our lines,             
unlike the Australian Labradoodle lines, and now, in all U.S. lines.
We only breed
original, purebred AMERICAN LABRADOODLES...........we chose not to breed                         
goldendoodles, as the Golden Retriever has substantially more innate health issues than the Labrador, and
bred correctly .....the look is the same!  We have
never "infused" any other breeds like the cocker spaniel, and
terriers as many breeders are doing now,for sizing purposes.
We are the
only true American Labradoodle!
Our inbreeding coefficient is 0%!!!   Not many, if any, can state that!!!
This is why we
originated the name and the breed of the American Labradoodle over 20  years ago!
We breed first for
temperament............ our lineage is exceptional !!!   (Visit the "Testimonial" Pages! )

What best describes the personality of this magnificent hybrid is a
mellow, yet a joyous, smart companion.  We
are dedicated to ensure incredible, quality, family members. These dogs are smart and courageous and were
originally bred as non shedding, hypoallergenic Service Dogs. We have enhanced this wonderful attribute in our
breeding program. They are athletic and loyal and the easiest to train of any breed, as well as  offering a life
span that exceeds 18 years! (to date!)
What a great companion for a child............from kindergarten thru college!  

They make excellent sporting, as well as house companions, and another innate quality in our Labradoodles is that
they just want to do what your family is doing, and are
intuitive to your needs !!!
Additional training will insure that they will fit your family's individual desires!
We breed only
multi generational dogs to GUARANTEE the non shedding, hypoallergenic qualities, of these
brilliant family dogs. We
do not raise F1's, as there is no assurance as to how they will turn out, at a minimum of
only 50% low shed.
More Labradoodle information...........
We do not breed F1b's. Although they are more stabilized in their coats, F1b's are 75 % poodle. There is still
only a
30% chance that they will not shed and/or be hypoallergenic, as genes "fall where they will" ! For less
chance of might as well find yourself a reputable poodle breeder for the same or less cost, as F1b's
are more often than not, priced as if they were true multi gens!   We
do not breed 2nd generation Labradoodle
to Labradoodle either (F1+F1= F2), as the same problems as F1's are noted for are as prevalent, just doubled in
generation!                   We only breed
true... Multi Generational Labradoodles!  
Our breeding companions are carefully chosen for proper coats, characteristics, and conformation !!!  
About Miniatures........"Mini's" and now "Micro's" are extremely popular due to their compact size.
TRUE miniature is bred systematically down in size, as in the same way that miniature and toy poodles were
bred down from standards. They were bred down in size by choosing the smallest from the litter with
correct conformation and temperament, and then breeding to like. This takes
years to achieve correctly.  The
quick and easy, yet definitively
wrong method, is to AI a standard size Labrador or Labradoodle with a tiny
poodle! This negative practice results in a disproportionate sized animal......i.e., long legs, little head, large body
and many other examples of physically undesirable traits. Our Mini's and now our newest babes,
MICRO'S, have
taken over 9 years to produce multigenerationally.  These puppies cannot be bred correctly in early generations.  
Just remember, all puppies are cute!   It is always,proper conformation as adults,that must be    
considered in choosing your newest family member!!!
Our Multi Gens have a low maintenance,fleece coat and are guaranteed non shed and.......
HYPO ALLERGENIC !!! Their coats are a lush and silky shag ............a perfect fleece!
Call Marianne,
(877) DOODLE 9 (toll free!!!)
We hand raise our pups in our home, and they are extremely well socialized to people and other
animals when they come to their "forever"  homes. We enjoy four gorgeous acres,
resplendent with a lovely creek, for running and playing!
Your puppy comes to your family crate trained and leash started.
Your puppy will come with a health insurance policy from Trupanion,
that begins the minute your new baby comes home.
Our puppies may be CKC or NAKC registered by you,  microchipped "size dependent" by
request, have  current vaccines and health certifications. Your puppy will have a multi
generational pedigree, that will show you field and show champions on both sides.
North America's only Holistic Breeder!
We specialize in service/therapy assistants and companions.                
Check out our testimonial pages to read about many happy adoptive families!!!
Ask about our now famous pups who are stars of both stage and screen!!!            
We offer lifetime support!
Adopt your life companion from North America's foremost breeder!!!
"Fabulous, Fleecy, Family Friends"
LABRADOODLES!               LABRADOODLES!                  LABRADOODLES!
Micro                        Mini                            Medium                       Maxi
We are North America's original breeder of all American Labradoodles!
American Labradoodles began our breeding program of this phenomenal hybrid in early 1995
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"Aunt Martha's"
Although our sizes are standardized, from time
to time we get an Aunt Martha.....a puppy who
is outside the size spectrum of his or her
Just like in  humans, we say 'that child takes
after Aunt Martha' , either shorter or taller
than his or her immediate family.  Realizing
that we strive to accommodate all sizes and
special needs.......sometimes things are simply
left to nature, which try as we may we still
cannot control!
LABRADOODLES!               LABRADOODLES!                  LABRADOODLES!
Micro                        Mini                            Medium                       Maxi
We are North America's original breeder of all American Labradoodles!
American Labradoodles began our breeding program of this phenomenal hybrid in early 1995
To a joyous and
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