American Labradoodles
American Labradoodles
presents... Early Gens !

As the originator of the American Labradoodle, almost 15 years ago, we
realized that from time to time we needed to begin new lines to sustain
our zero percentage of inbreeding co efficient.  
The result of these breedings are what we refer to as "Early Gens"!
These are puppies that cannot be classified as our MultiGens, which have
been hailed world wide for their guaranteed hypoallergenic qualities!
They have been bred American Labradoodle to American Labradoodle for
many years, thus resulting in the term MultiGen!

Our Early Gens possess the same wonderful temperaments,
incredible conformation and brilliance as our MultiGens
, but we cannot
guarantee their hypoallergenic qualities as we do in the MultiGens.

Thus.......we offer these magnificent companions
at                           a GREATLY reduced Adoption Fee!
Adoption Fee 950.00
All genders and
Includes the same
Health Warranty as
our MultiGens!
To bring one of these
delicious babes home to your
family. Please fill out our
online application, specify
EarlyGen, and feel free to
call Marianne toll free,
anytime with questions!
One Early Gen currently
Mini Boy available, call
Marianne            1-877-366-3539