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Please make sure we have approved your application
by phone or email before submitting your puppy
payment. Your accepted application and subsequent
payment constitutes your contract to receive your new
American Labradoodle puppy!
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Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our purebred American Labradoodles!  
We require this completed application, to better match you and your puppy.   
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Does everyone in your family want a

Why a Labradoodle?

Do you prefer a male or female? Why?

Is grooming/brushing an issue?

What colors and sizes are you
interested in?

Does anyone in your family have allergies?

Do you have children living at home?   

What are their names and ages?  

Will this be your family’s first dog?

Do you currently own a dog?



Do you have other pets?

What are they?

Does your home have a fenced yard?

Where will your puppy be during the day?
Will your pup be taken out for a mid-day
break and play time?

Where will the puppy sleep at night? .

Are you aware of the time and energy
needed to care for a young puppy and are
you willing/able to accept that

Will the cost of caring for this puppy fit
comfortably into your budget? (puppy
shots, monthly heart worm medication,
annual vaccinations, crate, bedding, food,
toys, grooming products, grooming
appointments, etc.?  

Are you committed to caring for this dog
for his/her lifetime?  (Their average
lifespan is 15 -20 years!)

Do you own or rent?  If renting, how
agreeable is your landlord to you having a
pet? (Please furnish your landlord's name
and number):

Will you plan on taking your puppy to
obedience classes?  

Please provide the name of the
veterinarian or clinic you will be using for
the puppy? Name and phone number:

Have you used this vet before?

Would you supply American Labradoodles
updates and pictures of your new puppy a
minimum of once a year, preferably every
six months?
Payments are transferable, not refundable.