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American Labradoodles
Testimonials 2
"Fabulous, Fleecy, Family Friends"
Sasha is absolutely gorgeous.  She has the best temperament I've ever seen in a
dog. She is extremely loyal, very gentle mouthed (even with those extremely
sharp baby teeth, which are all gone now), learns very quickly, i.e. was potty
trained w/i a month, sits, shakes, fetches, lays down, and can find her favorite
stuffed animal and ball lickety-split so this means she responds to certain words
perfectly-you just have to say "blue ball or froggy" and she's off on the big hunt
for whereshe left it last time.  She weighs 42 lbs, has the most gorgeous light
apricot long coat (about 4-5 inches in most places, with much darker apricot curly
ears.  Her coat does not mat at all, never smells, and any dirt just falls out
when she dries-all over the house, of course!  She started swimming down at the
lake right away as she didn't like being left on the shore when Patrick, I, and
our little grandaughter were out there swimming!
Marley is a real member of our family.  He is so
smart and beautiful.  He is the best dog ever!!!

The Mellinger - Greenwood Family
We have had a great experience with Marianne and
AMERICAN LABRADOODLES. Marley has been a great
addition to our family. I can’t tell you how impressed people
are with her intelligence, friendliness, the quality of her
coat-everybody loves her!
The Bench Family
Gino is wonderful company.  He lies near my feet when I am cooking.  I love it!  He is always happy.  He is
also calm.  My friends and family are so amazed that he is still just a puppy because he is so behaved and
mellow.  I love this dog.  He is very loving and sweet. Gino is my new companion. Also, he doesn't shed.  I
so appreciate this.  Therese Meehan

It was important to me that my puppy be socialized with people, kids, and other dogs from the start. I was also
looking to find a breeder who was invested in placing their pups in great homes. I found all of those things, and at
very competitive price, with American Labradoodles. Without reservation, I offer them my highest recommendation.
Anyone looking for the PERFECT puppy/dog should look for a labradoodle and they should look to Marianne at
American Labradoodles.

A little update on my sweetie...she is learning to ring a bell on the side of the front door to go out when she needs
to potty, knows the commands sit, down, leave it, heel and just learned to give me the high five sign this weekend.  
All of this, and more, before starting puppy training.  I may be a little bias but I think she is BRILLIANT!!!  And
certainly seems to enjoy learning.  Last weekend we went kayaking together for the first time.  She had a ball and
got to see birds and fish jumping out of the water.  Played with seaweed and pounced in the water.  A real
adventurer... Thank You Marianne for such a wonderful gift!!!
Renee Ludlum, Carolina Beach, NC
We have had our dear Bogey for 7 weeks now and we can
not express how much joy he has brought to our family!
Where do I even begin!?!?  When we got Bogey he was 9
weeks old.  Within 2 days he learned to sit and a few
days later he could lay down.  The first week we had
him he was "Show & Tell" at preschool and was so well
behaved with all the children petting him! He has
added new tricks weekly.  Now Bogey is not even 16
weeks old and he is leash trained and a pleasure to
walk/jog with, crate trained at night, he can sit and
stay for a reasonable time, he rolls over both
directions, shakes both paws, jumps up to get treats,
he'll paw at the hand that you hide a treat in =)  He
even crawls on his belly.  He loves to play fetch with
sticks!  He is a playful puppy...he's always running
off with sock and stuffed animals!  But is learning to
"leave it".  We are working on "bell" training him to go out.  
He sits before meals and before getting his leash on.  
We have 4 & 7 year old girls and he is so patient with them
and all their friends.  Bogey goes everywhere with us
and people are ALWAYS commenting on how well behaved
he is and of course how cute he is!  Thank you
Marianne for all your support in answering all our
questions and most of all THANK YOU for a WONDERFUL
puppy...we LOVE him!!!  

The Pel Family ~

As Brody approaches his first birthday I wanted to drop you a line and tell you again
how much we love our puppy. He is nothing but a bundle of love that brings non- stop
joy.  He is truly a part of the family. His disposition is amazing. He is so easy going and
well behaved that he is even welcome to come to my parent’s house with us for dinner.
Kathryn takes him to the playground behind the school everyday where he plays with the
children and other neighborhood dogs, everyone knows him. I think he will be the only one
who will be sad to see the end of this school year come. He loves car rides and walks; in
the evening sleeps on the floor with us while we watch tv…he just likes to be with us.  
Guests are always impressed by his manners, I never have to put him “away” when we
have company. We had apprx. 50 people in the house for Alex’s First Holy Communion
and he did not try to get food, jump on anyone, bark etc. perfect little boy.

We have become one of those crazy dog families that talks about our dog and takes him
every where with us.

In honor of his first birthday I have him scheduled to be neutered on June 18th.

Hope all is well with you.

We have always wanted to have a good dog.  We have had several
dogs over the years but they have not worked.  Then I heard about
Labradoodles.  I did my homework and realized that this breed may
be a good match for our family.  Let me mention that we have 4
kids,  both work,  and are very busy so not much time to have dog
I connected with Marianne, from American Labradoodles.  We now
have an amazing dog.  Gino is everything that I have always wanted in
a dog.  He is adorable, amazingly smart, obedient, great with kids, a
must!  We take him all over.  He is part of our family.  He is soft
and cuddly-yet sturdy and quick.  I soon will be taking him running
with me.  We go for walks everyday. He plays so well with my
children.  He is another playmate for them.  They love him!
Dear Marianne,
First please accept my apology this is a long overdue letter. We want to thank you so much for such an
extraordinary dog. Thor has been the most remarkable addition to our family, I want to congratulate you for
breeding such a brilliant dog. Everything piece of information you solicited about your labradoodles is 100% the
truth and he has exceeded our expectations by far. Thor is so intelligent, he has the most beautiful, non-
shedding, low maintenance coat. Thor is calm when you want him to be clam, playful when you want to play, and
eager to learn when it is time for training. I could go on and on. I have to admit when I first received your dog
manual, I thought it was a little unusual but after reading you had a Grandpa dog that was near 19 years old, I
thought it was worth a shot. Keeping Thor on the diet you recommended at first was atypical but has become a
part of a daily lifestyle which take little or no effort . He will do almost anything for a broccoli floret or piece
of banana! I think this has helped me in many ways I could not have predicted being a first dog owner. The
smell of our family dinner just does not interest Thor, we eat dinner in peace, and Thor relaxes (never begs).  
He just loves his fruit and vegetables.  Thor’s an odorless dog,from his coat, to his breath, to his bathroom.
Its unbelievable. Only someone who does not like dogs would not love this breed, truly amazing! As you know in
our home, we have a mentally disabled adult in our home. Thor somehow is aware that my Aunt is different and
his attitude is compassionate to her needs. My aunt loves to be hugged, Thor knows this and just adores her.
He is conscience of all of our different personalities, you would have to see it to believe it. Thor is incredible
healthy, extremely athletic and just over all a pleasure. I want to thank you so much for always being there
for all our questions, your knowledge is remarkable and has proven itself true time and time again. I have taken
every piece of your advise, and you have always pointed me in the right direction. I really appreciate how
quickly you returned my calls and emails, your advise has helped us with many important decisions we have had
to make about Thor. I have to say when Thor came he was the most adorable puppy, as his 1st birthday is
approaching he is even more and more beautiful each day. He impresses us all the time with his desire to learn.  
I would like to say the best piece of advise you gave me was to get Thor used to everything at a very early
age. We took your advise to heart, we have always brought him on car trips, visited friends/family homes, had
him around children and other dogs.  We brush his teeth and clean his ears and file his nails.  He so versatile
and used to everything possible that we could think of.  This makes him easy to travel with, fun to have along,
and very easy to care for.  We do not have children yet, as we are newlyweds but our one concern was that we
were getting the dog first how would Thor be around a baby, when we have one.  
We have had Thor around babies his whole life, and he loves them and they love him.
He has the kindest demeanor.  
As you know, my macho husband was afraid Thor was going to be "wimpy"….
But as you can see in the picture, Thor is athletic and loves to
jump and run and play, he is the perfect combination.    
Thank you again for Thor - We could never thank you enough!!    

Jennifer and Carlos, NY